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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here are things pulled off the web while away:

* DVD Talk ran a front page news item on You Have Killed Me.

You can still see it in the July feed, go down to July 22.

* A review of You Have Killed Me was posted at the blog Sexuality in the Arts. You can read the full piece here. It's mostly favorable, definitely in Joëlle's direction.

"I would love for one day to see the world through Jones’ eyes and considerations. I would feel apprehensive if I was in a room with her because I know she could see, recognize, and differentiate visual cues about me (or anyone) that few others could discern or deduce. Like Hannibal Lecter could correctly interpret significant psychological and historical traits from only a few dialogued and visual tells, I suspect Jones’ visual acuity to be off the charts. You can pick up this book and open it to any page, and her artistry will be revealing and intelligent. Jones is one of the few artists who can create new lifeforms and worlds with the craftsmanship of her pencils, inks, and mind."

He has some problems with the story that I really don't know what to make of. I suppose the simplest way to respond is that what he hoped to get out of it was never what was intended to be in it, and that since it was Mercer's story, we get a lot more Mercer than the rest. And that I've never read those Jeph Loeb comics nor do I get the joke about them. :)

I will, however, snag this pull quote and run with it:

"...it’s a boy’s story written by a boy, primarily for boys, told through a boy narrator."

Never thought anyone would write that about one of my books! Maybe if they kept inserting the word "sissy" before boy...

* We get a nice mention in the CBR con write-up here. Includes a slightly odd candid photo of myself and Joëlle. A couple of other candids from the guy who apparently was the first to get his books signed at the show. Ugh. How did Joëlle get paired with such a hideous beast as me?

* Jesus' General reviews Portland Noir and calls our story, "Gone Doggie Gone," one of his favorites.

* Joëlle did a commission at the show featuring Lance and Sadie for from The Everlasting. Mega covet!

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