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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Not a lot of posts this past week, sorry. I tend to judge my blogging activity by how many posts separate the movie review lists. I have a rough deadline on one of my manhwa scripts, and have otherwise been gripped by a strange sense of "Not enough time, not enough time," regardless of how much time it really is. Maybe it's the impending book release? Maybe it's San Diego? Maybe it's my biological clock's uncharged batteries?! TICK TICK TICK.


* Departures, the Academy Award-winner for Best Foreign Language movie this year is good, but not great.

* Moon, Duncan Jones sends Sam Rockwell to our orbiting satellite, and oh, what he finds there!

* Whatever Works confirms that Larry David and Woody Allen belong together. A light comedy from a master of light comedies.

All three of these films have been in limited release for a little while, but all just got to Portland, so my neighbors have some good movies to see this weekend should they feel so inclined.


* I Am Curious - Blue, the companion to Yellow and not nearly as worthwhile.


* Lonely are the Brave, a fantastic forgotten gem with Kirk Douglas as the last cowboy to stand against the modern world. With Gena Rowlands, Walter Matheau, and a script by Dalton Trumbo.

* The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, notable for being Paramount's first color picture, but a bit dull. With Henry Fonda, Sylvia Sidney, and Fred MacMurray; directed by Henry Hathaway.

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mark said...

Saw Moon tonight.

Pretty decent.

Glad to see they avoided the temptation to use MAJOR TOM or any other Bowie song.

Liked some of the plot twists (won't mention them here).

Boy, did that chick look like Jessica Lange or what?

Santiago said...

I loved Moon, and think is one of the best movies I've seen this year.

Sam Rockwell exceeded all my expectations, and managed to carry the film on his shoulders in a believable manner.