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Friday, October 23, 2009


It's like we're brand new all over again. Like we did that thing to pray our virginity back, and then these critics all showed up to take it away.

Errr, um, okay, bad metaphor.

But the Guns in the Gutters blog gave You Have Killed Me "Six Out of Six Bullets." That's a full clip unloaded right there.

"Rich's script is sharp, with terse dialogue and narrative captions that don't fall into the trap of trying to emulate Chandler's distinctive - and easily parodied - flair for simile. Instead, the first-person captions are employed sparsely and used to provide a bit of insight into Mercer's private worldview. The story treads very familiar ground, but that's okay - while familiar, it is feels fresh and is skillfully constructed.

Jones' art is clean and well-composed. Backgrounds are occasionally sketchy, but the characters are all distinctive and expressive, and her storytelling is clear and cinematic. Overall, it's beautiful stuff."

Have you bought a copy yet?

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