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Friday, October 09, 2009


As noted on Monday, Lil Mumps Ellerby intended to spend the week celebrating his 200th Ellerbisms comic strip. And sure enough, he did! Take a look at all the great guest cartoons he's had all week.

Including today's!

First on this fine and final Friday, you'll find an Ellerbism by Emi Lenox and myself.

Emi really deserves the credit here. 4-panel gags aren't my forte, and the script was bare. A sketch at best. I mean, break it down, think about it, not much happening there. Her drawing turns it into something hilarious, though. She just nails it. And I am amused by how she always portrays me with such a blank look. Or is that a "Hi, I just moved into your neighborhood and am required by law to inform you" look? That would fit how I think Emi sees me.

Also, Emi had her own anniversary this week: One Year of Emitown! Woot!

My friend Terry Blas drew Marc a strip, as well. Both his and mine detail pieces of our trip to San Diego Comic Con in 2007, alongside Joëlle, Marc, and Matthew William. Marc also chronicles this convention in several strips starting here.

A detail from Terry's...

Congrats to Marc for this achievement. It's truly awesome. Imagine what you could do with some ambition? xoxo

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