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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had my second article for Neighborhood Notes go up this morning. It's a piece on the Fourth Annual Wonder Woman Day, and for it, I interviewed organizer Andy Mangels, current Wonder Woman artist Aaron Lopresti, and contributors (and Confessions regulars) Emi Lenox and Natalie Nourigat.

The particular drawing below is from the extensive gallery at the official site, and it's painted by my good friend Terry Blas:

The silent auction is going on now. There are some pretty swell pieces in there. Bid and get yourself some quality art while helping a good cause.

* * *

In other comics news, Dark Horse releases its Noir anthology today. This crime collection is edited by Diana Schutz and it features some spot illos from Joëlle Jones that go along with a prose piece by Ken Lizzi. Joëlle shared one of her drawings at her blog last month.

More details at the Dark Horse site, or order a copy from Amazon.

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