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Thursday, October 29, 2009



* Antichrist, the new Lars von Trier philosophical shocker is one of the most unsettling movies I have ever seen. Not for the faint of heart or the quick to judge.

Antichrist opens in Portland this weekend at Cinema 21.


* Luis Bunuel's Death in the Garden, a 1950s potboiler from the surrealist director's Mexican period.

* Diary for My Children (Napio gyermekeimnek), a 1984 film from Hungarian writer/director Márta Mészáros is a personal portrait that is maybe too personal to effectively communicate its tale.

* Il Divo, a flashy Italian biopic of politician Giulio Andreotti.

* Wings of Desire - Criterion Collection, an amazing new two-disc package of the Wim Wenders masterpiece. (Also at Criterion Confessions)

* Z - Criterion Collection, the influential political thriler from Costa-Gavras. (Also at Criterion Confessions)

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