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Monday, October 26, 2009


Chris Arrant has posted a new Spell Checkers-centric interview with me over at Newsarama, including two pages of art I don't believe you've seen anywhere else. Go, stoke those fires, stay excited. This book is going to be awesome.

Speaking of...

Yesterday began a week of hunkering down. I want to get as much of Spell Checkers vol. 2 done as a I can. I've made good progress already, but then, I like writing boob jokes. Makes me feel sophisticated.

The funny thing about comedy (yuk! yuk!) is that when you crack yourself up, you kind of want to share, but to do so would ruin the joke for when the book comes out. I came up with something yesterday that I've been giggling about ever since--which will likely mean no one else will like it, but, you know, whatever bobs my balloon.

In addition to that, I have two other scripts that have beginnings and need to be written. One is for Kelley Seda. Mmm-hmmm.

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