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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Another awesome review of You Have Killed Me showed up this morning.

BSC Review gives the book high marks. I was a little scared when I started reading it, because the writer starts with a list of problems he feels crime period pieces tend to suffer from, but then he turns and says, "Not You Have Killed Me!" Tasty tidbits:

"Without wanting to pinpoint any one thing exactly, this book hits all the right notes in creating a great overall atmosphere. From the cold noir opening with our confused and bloodied protag on through the jazz clubs, back room poker games and fringes of high society, it just exudes a higher comfort level and provides a great setting to tell the story.


Jones eschews the blocky thrust of Frank Miller-inspired crime art and comes away with an elegance of style. She also places the characters in a prominent place so they aren’t overshadowed by stylized flourishes. Joëlle Jones’s art is, quite frankly, so damn good here that she has set the benchmark for all future crime artists to beat."

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