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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Mathieu Doublet has posted a review of You Have Killed Me on the French website Onirique Comics. Here is a link for all you French-reading people.

Here is a bit of it run through Babelfish:

Following 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, the scenario writer Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones reunite to give us a good old man whodunnit: detective with collects, femmes fatale (even in the basement of the files of the police force), gangsters and swindlers, it does not miss anything in the whole. All is marked out even a little too much to be honest.... Despite that, You Have Killed Meis very pleasant reading: the characters attaching, are well camped and the environment of years 1930-40 returned very well. It as should be said as Joelle Jones is a fabulous dessinatrice. Its style, as I already wrote for Twelve Reasons is very close to that of Alberto Varanda. You Have Killed Me confirms this impression. The boards are clear, well-built but have also some imperfections (like a false connection at the time of the scene to the racecourses). If the drawing is superb, it is sometimes trowel by an inking too present or small features which show that the artist did not stop in time. But in the finale, the hero with the false airs of Robert Mitchum and the women sexy as the devil quickly made me forget all that. You Have Killed Me is thus a good quite traditional whodunnit whose environment is recreated perfectly. I would really like to find Anthony Mercer in new adventures because this character has obviously a well charged past which could go up. Then yes, they is less good than Parker by Darwin Cooke but that remains an advised reading.

I think that gets the gist of it. :)

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