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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A few items today.

* I love this review of Koko Be Good from Johnny Bacardi, a well-respected comics critic if ever there was one, because I couldn't be more flattered by his unprompted, public voicing of a probably not-so-secret wish of mine:

"I think this is one stepping stone towards bigger and better things for Miss Wang. Maybe she should collaborate with Jamie S. Rich (who wrote the forward here) one of these days. (A copy of this book was provided for review purposes by the publisher)"

I include the last line since I am wondering if maybe First:Second sent a copy of my review as part of a press packet, since I never wrote a forward. Anyway, whatever led to this misunderstanding, I appreciate being paired with one of my favorite artists and, you know, being thought of at all. (I am ashamed to admit I drunk e-mailed Jen once telling her I'd kill to write a script for her, though I knew she had no need to sully her talent with my lack thereof...sigh.) [Edit: Aw, poop, he deleted the mention.]

* I also absolutely love Sara Pichelli's art, and this piece on her joining Ultimate Spider-Man also includes I think the first public mention of Joëlle Jones as part of the anniversary issue #150. I have seen Joëlle's pencils for this, and oh, man, talk about knocking off the proverbial socks. My lid flipped, too. She got me on both ends.

* Maybe the best fanmail I've gotten in a while, from some dude named Victor whose e-mail address begins with "audiomixer."

"I read your review of 'Never Let Me Go' and...every film you don't like, I like. And every film you praise, I hate. Easy peasy..."

What I particularly like about this is I am pretty sure it's intended to be a burn, as if some random e-mail like this would really make me crumble and die. In reality, I think it should have been a "thank you" note. If I find a reviewer whose opinions are so consistently opposite my own, it's as valuable as finding one I agree with regularly. You can trust me to always tell you which way to go, Victor!

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