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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Diamond Previews, the giant monthly comic book catalogue, came out this week. The new issue is for June shipping items and it lists the first volume of Love the Way You Love in the Oni section, pages 316 and 318. Diamond also gives it the distinction of being "Certified Cool." If you go to a comic book shop, ask them to preorder it, and give them the order code of APR06 3293. (When ordering through a bookstore, which you can, tell them that Diamond Bookstore distributes it, and give them the ISBN 1-932664-52-1. I'll also post when the Amazon listing is up.)

And you can preorder without fear, as Marc Ellerby turned in the last of the pages tonight. Volume 1 is all drawn, it just has to be lettered. Marc has really outdone himself, an he's already and even better artist than when he began 66 pages ago. Here is one of my favorite pages from the final batch, sans dialogue:

This is going to be the most fun of any comics this summer. Just look at that! Isn't Marc awesome? He's like 13 years old, and he draws like a badass.

It's been a long-ass weekend. I can't even remember if I mentioned I was doing a last minute manwha for the people contracting me at Ice Kunion. Another writer had a computer mishap and lost all his work, and he didn't have time to finish it when needed, so I basically had to start Friday and do the whole first volume by...well, a couple of hours from now. I am done with the main work, and am just procrastinating on proofing it. I've got one other book to proof (this time for Tokyopop) and then a new script assignment for a third company to get started on for an April 7 deadline--which is just two days after The Everlasting gets back from the copyeditor. I'm pretty booked at the moment. My to-do list is nightmarish.

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