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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


How come Bush never knows the things he knows?

For instance, how come he didn't know he knew Katrina would be so disastrous?

Or how did he forget that his people have condoned torture all along and put a lot of effort into circumnavigating the law?

I guess it's kind of like how ol' George said no one ever imagined that terrorists might fly planes into buildings...except when they proposed just such a scenario to him. I hope he never hears about me, because bad things happen when his memory lapses.

My questions to Bush supporters are, if you actually buy his obfuscations and pathetic dodges, why do you think he's a good President? If his professed ignorance is genuine, he's pretty out of tune with what's going on around him.

And given his claims that God has installed him in the seat of power, how can he withdraw from helping the poor and inflict such harm on people a man of his faith should be reaching out to? It's all very un-Christian, don't you think? Seems to me that if his God is the same as your God and you continue to listen to this man, then one day you will have to answer to that Maker over your choice to follow a false prophet.

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