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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The March edition of "Can You Picture That?" can now be read here. It's a loving dissection of Dear Wendy, a recent film scripted by Lars von Trier.

While at the Oni site, also stop by Marc Ellerby's posting of flyers promoting Love the Way You Love. Print them out and take them to your local comics retailer, drop them at your favorite record shop, spread the word!

In other news, Sexy Chix got a really good review in the Honolulu Star Dispatch. Click the link and you can see a panel from Chynna's story. There is also a great pull quote about my 12 Reasons Why I Love Her partner Joëlle Jones:

"Another one of the better stories in Sexy Chix is 'The Art of Letting Go' by writer Sarah Grace McCandless and Joëlle Jones. Jones' finely tuned ink work complements McCandless' delicate post-breakup story to a tee."

Well, if they liked that, they haven't seen anything yet. 12 Reasons is going to blow them away. Check out this study done for the flashback sequence, taking us back to Gwen's childhood:

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