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Monday, March 06, 2006


No, your eyes weren't deceiving you. That was a copy of I Was Someone Dead you spotted on the premiere of The Real World: Key West. A couple of eagle-eyed readers have now mentioned seeing it. The way one described it: "...there's this scene where all the kids are standing around the pool table, talking about who wants to sleep with whom. There's a bookshelf in the background with a few volumes faced out. One of them caught my eye as familiar, so I made a point to check it out when the camera returned. I could've sworn it was I Was Someone Dead."

As some of you may recall, Cut My Hair could be seen hanging around the Real World: San Diego house a couple of seasons ago (look on the bottom right shelf in the photo, it's the first one), and some people blamed it for Frankie's self-mutilation. My friend Jennifer Sireci was part of the production crew on both seasons and loaded each place up with good stuff.

Now you know where to look, so keep your eyes out during the reruns.

EDIT: I've been informed that I mixed up my seasons. The photo from Cut My Hair was from the Philadelphia house, the cast after San Diego. Too bad. I don't have a joke for the havoc it caused there.

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Anonymous said...

Jamie Rich...I got your text message, but cannot text back because I am having service interruption..

Wonderful date last night! Yes, lunch-anytime...any opportunity to not reject you!

You're so findable on the web, you star...
Girl Jamie