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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Joëlle Jones is profiled in today's edition of The Oregonian. Rather than link directly to it, I'm going to link to the link Tom Spurgeon made at The Comics Reporter. As usual, Tom is spot-on, and I'm glad he said it, because it saves me from having to. I'm very protective of Joëlle, as I am all the people I work with, and I realize that would color my response to anything like this article--which isn't mean-spirited, maybe just misguided.

One thing I think that makes this article seem a bit false in its stretch for an aura of the drastic, it fails to mention that 12 Reasons Why I Love Her is doing incredibly well (comics stores sold out, Diamond had to order more, Amazon seems unable or unwilling to keep up with demand, and there are possibly three foreign language editions in the works), Joëlle and I have a second graphic novel in the works, and she has been approached by multiple publishers to do other things. Whether your point of view is as an outsider or an insider, that looks like a track to success in my book. So, why so sad?

And it's Jamie S. Rich, dammit!

(Thanks also to the Newsarama Blog for continuing to spread the word. I do find it amusing that I live in Portland and didn't know it was out before someone in California e-mailed me.)


Love the Way You Love volume 3 is off to the printer. I know both Marc Ellerby and I are very, very excited to get this one in the hands of the people. In our opinion, both of our performances get better and better, and so with each new volume, our excitement is renewed. Personally, #3 has some of my favorite sequences, though its move to the actual published stage means I can now get all nervous and weird in anticipation of everyone seeing the ending to #4, which I think is beautiful.

This was also a good time self-esteem-wise for Love the Way You Love to be reviewed by Popmatters. Here's a sample you can click to read the rest:

"The first main strength of this story is that it is instantly understandable. That is not to say that it is unoriginal, just that people can relate to the story easily. Who hasn’t found themselves completely knocked off their feet at the sight of some amazing person? Who hasn’t had a moment of instantaneous connection that ended all too soon? Love The Way You Love asks the question of what would it mean if you ran into that person again. Surely it had to be destiny right?"

Nice, huh? I want the writer, Shawn O'Rourke, to start writing my back cover copy. His description of the book elsewhere in the review is one of the best summaries of it I've seen.

In celebration of all this, I'm going to leak a little Roman Holiday homage I mentioned a couple of weeks ago:

Look for Love the Way You Love vol. 3 in mid-December!

On blog matters, sorry I haven't posted very much recently. I had three deadlines this week, all of which I wanted to meet in order to allow myself to take a holiday weekend like everyone else (sometimes tough when you work at home). I had volumes of Because I'm the Goddess and Chocolat to script, and an article for Shojo Beat. (Speaking of, the December issue is out now and has my piece on Korean soap operas.) I'm happy to say that all is done and turned in, so I actually have the whole week off! Woooo!

The Confessions feed is still kerplunk, though, so maybe I'll be able to sort it out in this free time. I doubt it, though. What has two thumbs and is incredibly stupid? This guy!

And holy crap, I was about to post this when I saw that Robert Altman has died. I'm a real fan of his work. I once wrote a long "Can You Picture That?" (no longer online) about my appreciation of his incredible and adventurous creative spirit. His irascible refusal to compromise will be missed.

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