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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Though, honestly, I'm barely going to tickle 150.

Augie De Blieck Jr. writes a farewell to his days as a comic book letter writer over at his Pipleline column, and namedrops yours truly as being around on that scene at the same time he was. One thing he doesn't mention about when they printed our addresses in the backs of books is how many letters from prisons we got. I never wrote back, even when I was young and dumb, because it always totally creeped me out. "Hey, I read your letter in Booster Gold in between lifting weights and getting shanked in the shower, and I think you have some good ideas." Uhhhh...

I need a haircut really bad. I'm starting to look like Hugh Jackman when he's Wolverine. And that ain't good.

Lara Michell's band, Dirty Martini has their first video...

Current Soundtrack: Singles of 2006 playlist (The Knife, Raconteurs, Embrace)

Current Mood: sweaty

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Travis said...

I'm totally going to make you call me "bub" next time I see you...

...but I must say, while I loved reading the letters column, I actually only wrote a handful and only had ONE printed (in one of the Creed comics back in the day...before that shit band destroyed the name.)

I think I got more out of the old message boards (like Oni's Yahoo Group and Judd's short lived one) than I ever did out of the letters columns...but I really miss the interaction between the artist, writer and the fans.

Jamie S. Rich said...

I don't even know what Creed is.

Travis said...


It was like only my FAVORITE comic back in High School. Trent Kaniuga wrote and drew each issue and even published it himself until Wizard did an article about him and he ended up going to Image. The story wasn't anything to write home about (falling in a deep crush on a girl, with some MAXX type "other world" shit going on) but his art was something else!


You never cease to crush my heart, Mr. Rich. :P