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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


A couple of links:

Publisher's Weekly reviews 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, and they only like it so-so:

"The art's bold lines always draw attention to the emotions, setting the characters sometimes in detailed New York scenery, sometimes against stark black and white backgrounds. Some chapters use softer, full-page drawings to stop time entirely and focus on Gwen as seen through Evan's eyes. The nonlinear structure is diverting, but it imposes a sentimental nostalgia onto a story without enough meat to support it.."

Fair enough, but what's with posting anonymously? Tsk. Cowards! Not that I condone sending hate mail to reviewers, but when a director is pissed at me, he can get a hold of me. (And trust me, at least one has. Beware of any letter that begins with, "You seem intelligent...") (And not that I'm pissed. Please! I've had worse. Check the current mood status below.)

I almost missed last week, Andi Watson talking about his career, including our Usagi collabo. Read it at CBR and see one of the pages.

And check this:

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