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Monday, October 01, 2007


Oy vey. Stumptown is over, and these fingers type with fatigue. It was a pretty decent show, with no outlandish stories or ridiculous scandals to report. Joëlle Jones winning the Outstanding Artist Award was probably as good as it got, and that was very good indeed. We didn't hit any of the parties on Saturday, just kept it quiet. I did go to Brett Warnock's house on Friday before going to the CBLDF Drink 'n' Draw and the gathering at the awesome Guapo Comics. Sunday we also had a nice post-show dinner with Matt Wagner, Christopher Mitten, Rick Remender and his wife, Greg Thompson, Jennifer Simmons, and the Oni Crew. It's dangerous for me to sit next to Wagner because I like to make off-color jokes at his expense and he likes to punch me for it. Of course, he's the one who brought up male-on-male raccoon sodomy, not me.

Saturday I did go to the Mike Allred panel and sat in on that. I was trying to hide in the back, but while they were waiting for Mike, someone in the audience asked Douglas Wolk, "Are you Jamie?" For some reason I can't figure out, I blurted out, "No, I'm Jamie!" and so Laura made me come sit at the front. Turns out the guy had just bought some Blue Monday trade paperbacks and wanted them signed by crazy Blue Monday Jamie, so in an attempt to live up to his expectations and also be honest in my antics, I wrote in his book something about the fact that Chynna Clugston stinks really bad. I also informed Wolk that his career was over now that he's been mistaken for me. That's just sad.

Steve Duin wrote about the show, and posted some Joëlle art, here.

I made okay money. I ended up eating and drinking every cent, not counting the $15 I spent on books from Camilla D'Errico. (I wanted to talk to her about how Jennifer de Guzman also stinks really bad, but changed my mind.) The Love the Way You Love trade paperbacks did not end up arriving for the show, but I'm not sure that had that much of an impact on my earnings.

I also got my sketchbook going again. I have a book of random drawings that I started taking to cons in 1997, but I haven't gotten a piece since I had Debbie Huey draw me a Bumperboy two years ago in San Diego. I made up for it by getting three pieces at the show:

Black Metal by Chuck BB

A girl listening to a Like A Dog record, as imagined by Lars Brown

Myself and Tristan singing karaoke, drawn by Matthew Grigsby

I'm pretty stoked by those. Joëlle is also posting more of her sketches at her blog, so keep watching.

Extra shout-outs go to Matt Silady, Erika Moen, Jen Wang, Diana Schutz, Kevin Cross, the kids at Robopocalypse, and everyone else I saw at the show.

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