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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"And from the two loaves, he made 500..."

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Man, I didn't realize how big that pulpit was.

Despite the rant of last night, last night actually went well at Powell's. A decent sized crowd of the loyal and the faithful, and several good, good people let me know in advance why their attendance got derailed.

I read from chapter 4 of the book, as suggested by Jennifer de Guzman and Geoffery Kleinman, and from the Halloween chapter, as also supported by people on this blog. Joëlle says I read a little fast, but otherwise, she and most people gave me decent marks.

It felt good, regardless.

Thanks again to all who came!


ADC said...

Glad things went well with your scripture reading!
Though I prefer you expletive laced account of the evening to this one...

Dan said...

Geez, I left for work this morning to the last post, wondering how bad things went, and I come home to this one. Glad to hear all went well. Sorry I live in Georgia or I would've been happy to show up!