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Sunday, November 11, 2007


The Portland Comic Book Show went better than I would have expected. I was getting worried when during the first hour no one came up and talked to me at all. Only a rather fit Catwoman in the old purple-tights costume stopped by. She looked at me, started to walk away, and then looked back. "Oh, it is you!" she said and stuck out her hand. I took it, and she had a really impressive grip. "I'm a big fan of you," she said.

Catwoman digs me!

From there, things got better and I did pretty good business. I overestimated how much people would shun me for not having Joëlle with me and underestimated the popularity of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. I brought five, thinking that would be enough on my own, and sold all of them before I even sold anything else. Point taken.

The panel for writers went well. I am a longtime Howard Chaykin fan, and so it was cool to hear him tell stories. Just as I started to introduce myself on the panel, though, my phone started to buzz in my pocket. It just figured. I'm so glad I had turned the ringer off. Joëlle's timing is always impeccable.

Once the panel was done, I went back to the table for my last hour. This guy came by at one point:

"Do you have any spaceships?" he asked.

"Um, no."

He looked over my books. "I'm looking for stuff with spaceships in it."

"Sorry. You got the wrong guy here."

He kept moving from table to table asking people the same questions. He told Scott Allie from Dark Horse that he was looking for pin-up art to hang in his office. I think it's more realistic to believe he was looking for a ride home.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I should write names down after I sign books so I can thank you all properly, but rather than leave anyone out, I'll leave it at this.

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brenda said...

THat was For sure an interesting show.Howard Chaykin and Trina Robbins where super funny, they where entertaining. CHeer's on your success and I can't wait to read "Have you seen the Horizon lately?" !