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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yo, kids. Though I mentioned Madman Atomic Comics #5 is on sale this Thursday (comics delayed a day so truck drivers and warehouse workers could eat turkey last week), I neglected to note another Madman-related product is also going to be on sale. Popgun volume 1 has a new Mike Allred cover and a color reprint of the first Frank Einstein story (colored originally for a Madman book I edited, mind you).

Of course, this book also features "Me & the Cat Own the Lease on the Flat" by myself, Joëlle "The Animal" Jones, and Keith "The GrrAnimal" Wood.

More details can be had by clicking on the image. It's a big book, approaching 500 pages of comics. There is also a story by the oft-mentioned David Walker, Corey "These Ink Lines Trace the Tracks of My Tears" Lewis, Chuck BB, David Crosland, Brandon Graham, and a million more.

Buy it at your local comic book store, ask your major book chain or indie bookstore to order it, or use my Amazon link and earn me a couple of cents.

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