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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Taking a break from rehearsing. Running through my scales, you know, exercising my voice, cutting hard French words like "object d'art" and "oeuvre" from my selections for tonight...

...and I was actually rather flattered to come across this from the Badazz Mofo himself, David Walker. Amusingly enough, I found it via the Portland Mercury's blog, where I was following up on something I saw there yesterday. On that blog, Matt Davis called David a whiner, which makes me wonder if he was the less gutzy guy who called him that anonymously on the Media Insiders talkback. I am not sure, though, how one is considered a whiner when you are complaining on behalf of other people? Had I posted that, I'd have been the whiner. I actually think the petulant link suggests Mr. Davis just can't handle being picked on.

I also like that the Mercury has comments from both Mr. Davis and myself in the feedback section that are neither of us. Good work, there. When was the last time you heard me refer to myself without a middle initial, Confessors? Or miss a chance to link to myself?

This hasn't been the first time such a complaint has come up about the local press. I know many people who do creative things who have said that if you don't play a guitar in this town, you might as well be dead. All I'll say is, I don't entirely disagree.

Carry on, folks! See you tonight! Sadly for the spectacle, I got control of my temper seconds before I was about to punch my mirror when I cut myself shaving. I would have loved to have shown up with a bloodied, bandaged hand!

And thanks to the Comics Reporter, Journalista!, and Blog @ Newsarama, national blogs who all made mention of tonight's event. Also, to Portland's literary blog, Seeing Indigo. And to be fair, Willamette Week did give me a "pick" designation in their calendar.

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