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Monday, November 12, 2007


Help me decide what to read next week...

I've got a week until my reading at Powell's. November 20, 7:30 PM. They have it on their calendar and everything, so you know it's true. You can see the blurb on their Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? page.

I was in the store on Saturday and did a quick sweep to check if they had the book and saw nothing. Then, oddly enough, the next day Steve Leialoha came up to my table at the Comic Book Show and pointed at Horizon and said, "I just saw this at Powell's." I didn't think to check the front of the store where they have the racks for upcoming events. Duh, me.

In any case, it's time for me to start figuring out what it is I am going to read. My routine over the last couple of years is to read from the book I am promoting and preview whatever it is I am working on, an idea I stole from Greg Rucka. Given that there is currently nothing to preview, though, that choice is not an option this time.

Generally, I prepare three pieces, though I most likely read only two. I really should do a selection from Horizon. I have considered repeating the experiment from last year when I read a piece of the script from 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, but it seems to me Reason 2 was and is the best chapter for that, and I worry about repeating myself.

As it stands now, I am leaning toward performing (1) the short story "Chevelu" and then (2) an abridged version of the Halloween night section of Horizon (roughly pages 225-236, maybe even up to 240). Last time around I had considered the Julia/Julie section of the book, but it was too long.

I don't know. I'm at a loss. So, I leave it up to you guys. Does anyone have a suggestion? Anyone want to vote "yes" to the two pieces mentioned?

Please leave comments and give me your ideas. If you have a special request and you are going to be there next week, please indicate that, as that will carry weight.

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odessasteps said...

I would definitely say the Hallowe'en Party. Maybe also the car trip between Julia and the other chick whose name escapes me.

Anonymous said...

I vote yes on the two pieces you chose!
- Sofia

Juniper the Goosman said...

Do you think chapter four would give too much away? Because I lean toward something about Julia and Percy. Maybe just the part before they actually speak to each other? Maybe right up until just before Julia speaks to him in the courtyard.

There's something to do with the Green Knight that I need to email you about, though.

Dan said...

I would agree with the section from Horizon you chose (especially since I love the Percy line "...it was their attention he was after, and it was their attention that could change.") I wouldn't go much past that, however. The revelation of how Iris dies, even going into this book knowing what we know from The Everlasting, is just too well done and too heart-breaking to be spoiled for those who have not yet read it.

brenda said...

I'm ganna say yes for "Chevelu". And I just started Horizon so I will plug my ears and hope I dont hear anything that will spoil it for me :)

Maryanne said...

Just be be different, I suggest something in the vicinity of the scene where Percy stands up to the bullies and it turns out Lance is fighting for him, that whole area really captures the emotion of the book without giving too much away.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Thanks everyone for the responses.

Odessa - That section in the car is an interesting idea I hadn't considered. So is chapter 4, Jennifer.

Dan - My full intention is to stop before anyone gets back to the apartment that night. I don't think I could read anything about what happens after out loud, it still effects me too much.

Maryanne - I tried to prepare something from that section for my last reading and I couldn't get it to cut right. I am maybe too precious about it and couldn't trim it to be a manageable length.

Blogger - Fuck you for losing my comments the first time and yet still signing me in while doing so. Halfway there doesn't count!

Me - Fuck myself for thinking, "You should copy what you wrote before you hit post, just in case" and then not doing so. Idiot!