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Thursday, November 08, 2007

READER MEET AUTHOR - November 11, 2007

This is just a reminder that I will be attending the Portland Comic Book Show this Sunday. Find out more information about the show and its guests here.

I'm doing this one solo, so please come by and visit me. I'll have all my books there for sale, and I am scheduled to be on a writer's panel, as well. The panel is at 2:30 and is described thusly:

An all-star writers panel likely to include: Brian Michael Bendis, Howard Chaykin, Scott Allie, Kurt Busiek, Brandon Jerwa, Jamie S. Rich, and Trina Robbins with Paul Guinan moderating the discussion.

Apparently they were accepting questions for the panel up until November 5th via e-mail. I apologize, I didn't know.

Wordstock is also going that day, right down the street. You can conceivably do both. I haven't really looked at the schedule, because frankly, I am still miffed that they never paid me for the books I sold there last year and I'm going to keep complaining about it because that's just how I do. I have several friends who will be appearing, though, including Sarah Grace McCandless, Matt Wagner, and Craig Thompson. Were I more friendly and less inclined to grudges, I might know more people of that long list, but keeping up with more friends would cut into my complaining time.

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