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Friday, November 16, 2007


Some of the writer's of The Daily Show (and one regular correspondent) put together their version of the kind of routine that the program might be doing on the Writer's Guild strike were they on the air.

While it does prove how valuable a guy like Jon Stewart is when it comes to delivery, the point is extremely valid. I imagine the folks at YouTube love it.

It's been a pretty heavy work week. Missed a conference call with DC, but have been so buried in manga and manhwa that I had to stop fretting and let that roll off my back. In the last three days, I've been working on the third volume of Magical JxR for Udon, and the second volume of a book for Tokyopop. I'd link to that, but I can't find a damn thing on their confusing website and don't know if the book has been officially announced. I didn't script the first volume, though, so I am having to get up to speed.

It looks like this is just the beginning of the return of this kind of work for me. A lot of my older titles appear to be starting up again in the new year.

Speaking of that impending new year, I've noticed people have already started posting their top 10 lists for 2007. Are "Top 10s" the new "Christmas Decorations" in that we're going to be putting them up earlier and earlier every year? Is it posturing to show off how much more in the know these people are than the rest of us that they've seen and heard and read everything that is coming in the next six weeks? I, for one, have decided to abstain this year. It's too much. What does it really mean anymore? There are just too many random opinions floating around, no consensus, no logic. If someone asked me to contribute to a round-table or voting or something, I'd probably do it, but as far as on my own, it's like whistling in a wind tunnel. Too much air at once, I can't breathe!

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Jenny said...

I have that problem when I have to make next year's calendar for the family. So often "December" photos are actually from "November." Shrug?

Marc Ellerby said...

John Oliver for teh win.

Jamie S. Rich said...

A Calendar seems like a fair jumping ahead. You do have to time when you give it.

I know with movies, there is a ton of stuff I will see in December, for instance, that may make the list. Like, I saw Persepolis yesterday, and that's a definite top 10 contender. Had I rushed to make my list, it would not be on there all so I could say "I was first!" It's like the top 10 lists are a worldwide Newsarama thread.

odessasteps said...

for those of us who do not live in major cities, top ten lists are pointless anyway.

I will likely not see "december oscar" movies until January or February, unless I schlep to Philly or DC to see them.

Travis said...

Oh you grumpy bastard, you better make a "best of" list for 2007! What's with this, "what's the point" bullshit? Why bother blogging at all, you old fart?!

While I agree doing one NOW is a bit early, I enjoy reading your opinions and actually check out some movies and music off your recommendations.

So cheer up. If you want we can all pitch in and fly Marc over here for you...wearing only that Superman/Doomsday bag from Comicon...

Jamie S. Rich said...

Travis, your whole "old tactic" is just kind of sad at this point. It's about as predictable as my having to call you "uncreative."

Why bother blogging at all? Because I can write about specifics with a level of substance that is absent from lists. My problem is that there is such a cacophony of top 10s at this point, is anyone really getting anything out of it? Maybe if someone was compiling them it might make a difference, but otherwise, I just no longer have any interest in reading them myself, so why write something I wouldn't bother reading?