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Friday, November 02, 2007


It's a week of music-related movies. Not reviewed, but seen in anticipation of its Thanksgiving release, was also Todd Haynes' awe-inspiring I'm Not There, his vision of Bob Dylan.


* Control, an intriguing biopic of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division, that is a bit of a letdown. Directed by Anton Corbijn.

* Joe Strumer: The Future is Unwritten, Julien Temple's all-encompassing documentary of the Clash frontman.


* Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who, a two-disc documentary compilation that goes deep into the band's history.

For this one, after it was posted, I received clearance requests from the studio to use quotes in the ad campaign. If anyone sees an ad of any kind with a blurb attributed to me, let me know. Even scan it, perhaps? I've not been quoted before, and this is the Who!

* Absolutely Fabulous - White Box, a special reunion episode from a couple of yeas ago.

* Inside the Actors Studio: Johnny Depp, from the television talk show.

* Nearing Grace, a surprisingly smart coming-of-age story set in the 1970s.

In response to this review, I got the following letter:

I read your review of 'Nearing Grace' and...wow...someone who actually gets the movie. precisely.

much appreciated. thank you!

susan johnson
(producer of "nearing grace")

Well, I won't complain about that!

* Peach Girl, vol. 5, the penultimate chapter in the teen-romance anime serial.

* The Sopranos - Season Six, Part 2. At long last, get my take on that controversial final episode! I know you've been waiting.

* Under the Volcano - Criterion Collection, John Huston's late-stage literary adaptation with Albert Finney.

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