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Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, I haven't seen an actual physical copy of the book, so I'm not going to believe it until I do...

...but Love the Way You Love vol. 6 is on Diamond's shipping list for books going on sale Wednesday.

Jebus be praised!

To whet your appetite, Snark Ellerby is also continuing his libelous "Ellerbisms" at his blog. Here is number two, though three also went up this morning:

That's Laurenn "Queenn of the Connsonnantts" McCubbin and Matty with us. [I was wrong, it wasn't Ian Shaughnesexxxy. As soon as Greg said it in the comments, I began to doubt, and Terry just confirmed it. It is Ian in #3, though.]

The whole knife-and-fork thing, what surprised us more than his actual use of the knife, was how he would use it to build little stacks of food on his fork--a bit of toast, a bit of egg, etc.--and then he'd daintily wipe the knife on top of his little stack so that it was clean to cut into the next bit of toast, egg, and whatnot. For a guy who likes The Simpsons so much, Marc clearly ws watching a different show when he formed his chowdown habits.

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Laurenn said...

I was pretty sure that was me. That is decidedly my hair. Not so much my boobs.

Jamie S. Rich said...

That's funny. Joëlle complained how he drew her boobs, too. He keeps giving you reduction surgery.

You think if it would take him a year to draw, he'd at least draw your tattoos! And Ian's speckles.

Greg McElhatton said...

That can't be Ian! There's no circle of debris around him from everything that has spilled/exploded.

Jamie S. Rich said...

If it's not Ian, it's Matty. He does look kind of like the Matty in the previous strip now that it's mentioned, but I thought it was Bubba we took to brekkie.

Marc Ellerby said...

Marc in "not drawing people how they look" shocker.