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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have been asked to take part of the comic book intensive this week at PNCA. I will be the guest at one of their salons tomorrow. There is a good chance the lovely Ms. Jones will come with me.

Please join us for our afternoons of creative salons in conjunction with the PNCA Graphic Novel Intensive Program. From June 23rd through the 26th we'll meet at 4:45 for relaxed presentations and happy-hour conversation at the Bay 13 restaurant at 701 NW 13th Ave. adjacent to the PNCA campus.

Wednesday June 25th: Jamie S. Ritch will examine the role of the writer, sharing excerpts from his latest graphic novel noir work done in collaboration with artist Joëlle Jones. The pair worked previously together on the critically acclaimed "Twelve Reasons Why I Love Her." Jamie spent ten years as an editor at Dark Horse and Oni Press before devoting his time to writing.

This appears to be open to the public. Buy me drinks, as I talk more when I'm snookered.

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