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Sunday, June 29, 2008


So, any week now, Love the Way You Love vol. 6 will be coming out, and despite a note in the back of the book suggesting there may be more coming, the decision was made after we went to press that we would not be doing a sequel anytime soon.

The most recent plan was to do a second series called To See the Lights, and the art was going to be by Natalie Nourigat. Though there are many factors as to why the series isn't in production, the ultimate final detail was time constraints for Natalie. When she did these samples, we were ready to go ahead and have the book finished before a year studying abroad that she has planned in 2009, but the business side of things got in the way and gobbled up her time and so when it was looking like it wasn't going to happen for those other factors, we had to cut our losses. Instead, she and I are doing some short work together, starting with the script I wrote last week and which is just awaiting approval from Eric Stephenson at Image for her to get started.

In light of this, we have decided it was time to share these samples with the world, as the work is really good and deserves to be seen.

I am going to post thumbnails here, but if you click through, you will find the full-sized pages at Flickr. Note that the first two pages were going to be tweaked, changing the tones to make the scene in the daytime and to bring out the building in the first panel more. Natalie did all the art, including tones and lettering.

To See the Lights (LTWYL) page 1 To See the Lights (LTWYL) page 2 To See the Lights (LTWYL) page 3

To See the Lights (LTWYL) page 4 To See the Lights (LTWYL) page 5 To See the Lights (LTWYL) page 6

If you want to feel really sick, Natalie is only 20 years old. We met at Stumptown last October, and she's still in school. If she's this good now, imagine how good she'll be with a couple more years of work under her belt.

For those curious about the story, the essential plot was going to be that while Tristan and the band were on tour, Isobel was going to end up traveling in Europe for her job at Murmur L.A. magazine. A grand dame of Hollywood adopts her and asks her along to art direct her photo shoots. Meanwhile, Eleanore has a pretty girl groupie chasing after her and we meet Like A Dog's rival band.

I may still do it someday, but as of right now, my focus is elsewhere. I only wrote the first script, so we weren't very far along at all. Sometimes this is just the way it goes!

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Maryanne said...

Such a shame. I'd love to buy that first page if she's selling.

Anonymous said...

What a cruel tease.

Jamie S. Rich said...

"What a cruel tease."

Well, imagine how we feel. She and I were all ready to go. :(