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Monday, June 09, 2008


Looks like the script I was struggling over the last couple of weeks has been accepted. They went for version 3. So, now I'm willing to say that it's actually for this anthology, Portland Noir edited by Kevin Sampsell. Crime tales set in different Portland neighborhoods. It seems only fitting that a Portland anthology would have a comic book story, and mine even has cartoonists in it.

I've been spending my time otherwise working mainly on the comic book I am doing with Mike Holmes, and I wrote early scripts for the third and fourth issues last week. It looks like it will be six issues, and I am working on notes for the finale now. No ETA or publisher as of yet. It is also a crime book, though with a much different, classic Hollywood tone--not like You Have Killed Me, though. Like Denise Richards, it's complicated. It's called Lying Down.

You can, however, go to your comics shop this Wednesday and purchase Madman Atomic Comics #9.

This is the issue made up entirely of double-page spreads, and if you laid them each end to end, they would form one continuous background with the characters in constant motion, moving from the first page all the way to the last. In film terms, it's one tracking shot. Prepare to be impressed.

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