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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Marc's online diary, Ellerbisms, apparently has a year delay button in case he says something untoward, then he can catch it before it gets out.

Today, he explains why you don't want to share a room with us at Comic Con, because you will get off your plane, head in for a nap, and be greeted thusly:

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Of course, this year you need not worry, since unless Matty (him in the glasses on the right; the other folks are Joëlle Jones, Terry Blas, and moi) is heading down on his own, none of us will be there next month. (Thank the Lord.)

There is talk of an APE reunion in November, though. You never know.

I do like how cute and sweet he makes himself, like this innocent babe in the woods. Not sure who's buying that particular bunk, but he's selling. By the way, here's the photo I took.

Marc also turned in a Polar Opposites today to fill out a page in Love the Way You Love, Side B. I think it's the only extra.


Working on a new short script today, for a new as-yet unannounced Image Comics anthology, this one set to be drawn by Natalie "Tally" Nourigat. At last!

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