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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have a GoodReads account to track the books I read and review them, and I'm thinking if I write something there, I should also post it here. What do you all reckon? I'm going to post my most recent review below, and if readers of this blog think this will be a good idea and say so in the comments, I will start doing it regularly. If you don't care what I think, then say so, too. Though, to be honest, I really only care what Renee French thinks. (I don't review everything I read, just sometimes write a quick little blurb if I have thoughts to share.)


Three Shadows by Cyril Pedrosa

This book reminds me of the early work of Scott Morse, particularly Soulwind, both in terms of some of the fantasy elements but also in the storytelling influences Cyril Pedrosa brings into his narrative. You will see shades of Disney, European comics, and traditional Japanese painting.

The story involves a family living on a remote farm in an imaginary country who one day see three horses and riders in the distance. Believing they have come for his son, the father tries to take the boy far away, hoping to outrun these dark harbingers. The plot is largely about the bonds of family and the strange people along their journey who run counter to their beliefs and their mission. At times, the structure meanders a bit, particularly in a side story near the end that actually follows the three shadows on a misadventure, but these are forgivable quirks. Three Shadows is otherwise touching, vividily imagined, and beautifully drawn.

An excerpt can be read at the First Second site.


Also, holy cow! Elbow covering Amy Winehouse. If anyone ever finds an MP3 of this, me wants!

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Stephen (random blog lurker) said...

Here's a quick mp3 extracted for the youtube clip: http://share.ovi.com/download/inphatmoi.10001 (via vidtomp3.com)

The BBC have been releasing regular cd compilations of their live lounge sessions so there's a reasonable chance a better quality version could turn up at some point.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Awesome! Thanks, man.

I have one of those comps that came out last year. Some cool stuff on there, like Lily Allen doing the Pretenders.