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Friday, June 05, 2009



* The Hangover, a good, raunchy comedy made all the better by Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis.


* Green for Danger, a British wartime whodunit with Alastair Sim as Inspector Cockrill of Scotland Yard.


* Man Hunt, Fritz Lang's 1941 thriller about a man who would've killed Hitler, but found himself on the run instead.

* Spring Breakdown, like an attempt at a Hangover-style movie but with women. And without the jokes. You'd think anything starring Parker Posey, Rachel Dratch, and Amy Poehler as the leads would be better than this.

* Une Femme Mariée, Godard's 1964 will-she-or-won't-she portrait of a married woman torn between husband and lover. Features a fantastic performance by Macha Méril.

Just to show I don't just get angry mail, here are a couple of nice recent letters in response to my reviews:

I read your review of 'Man Hunt' and...I think that if there was ever a textbook example of how to use the full frame to its advantage it is in the first reels of this often overlooked gem of a film. I have found interesting things in all of Lang's films but this new transfer underscores his mis-en-secne to a tee. I had seen this movie on FMC last year and it is obvious that this transfer is new, since then, as the clarity of the picture is a marked improvement. Lang (and Fox) also deserve credit for thier rather direct indictment of the Nazis. With the US not yet at war there were still those in the Hollywood community that soft pedaled the Hitler menace. Lang knew otherwise.

With regard to Lang's American back catalgoue have you heard any word about a US release of, "Human Desire"? A buddy of mine found a PAL copy that he converted for me but it looks pretty bad. Why is it that even the lame films by other directors (Like-John Ford, nothing against his overall history making filmogrophy--but his coverage in the digital era is virtually complete) are readily available but there are at least five great postwar Lang films that have yet to show up on DVD? As usual, your writing regarding issues of history in this review are first rate.....


And from a correspondent who just goes by GG:

I read your review of 'Revolutionary Road' and...was so moved to find a kindred soul who "got" it. Ebert also loved the movie but I have to admit your review touched emotions that he overlooked or found inconsequential. Bravo!

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istoba said...

Hi Jamie!
I was doing a google search for an old Amityville song I was missing and found your blog here, the lucky one with the only such reference ;) Do you still happen to have the Amityville All You Ever Wanted song? Either the demo or the XFM version (or both!) If so, would you mind sending me a copy? If you have any you are missing I'd be happy to return the favor too.