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Monday, June 01, 2009


Chris Arrant has a new interview with me over at Newsarama. Read the sample below, and drop your eyeballs on the whole thing here.

NRAMA: It seems like a past he can never shake. How would you describe the character of Antonio Mercer?

JSR: He’s a man trying to right some kind of wrong in himself. Having grown up in a moneyed family, something has turned him off from that pampered lifestyle. In addition to being inspired by classic private eyes, he’s also inspired by Mercutio and other Shakespearian fools and pranksters, the wry commentators who see more than others and are all the more tragic for it. They can’t avoid shedding light on the truth regardless of the hurt it brings them. In that sense, I also realized that a lot of these old characters, like Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade, they are really like Bugs Bunny, the way they are constantly pushing against the norm, refusing to give in, and while doing it, winding up all the other people around them. They wear disguises, play characters, and say provocative things to see how people react.

In future comics news, Nico sent along this cute sketch featuring the girls in their possible chapter 2 outfits.

Not a bad way to wake up to the fifth-year anniversary of being a full-time writer. I used to be so young...

Current Soundtrack: Faithless, "Emergency;" Elvis Costello, "That's How You Got Killed Before (live version)" [from the expanded King of America] (I swear I had picked the title for the post, and then it popped up in the shuffle just after by coincidence); Pulp, "You are the One (Demo)"

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