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Saturday, June 06, 2009


I failed in my duties as a culture vulture and didn't make any mention at all to the fact that Powell's Books was having a Portland Noir event last night. Blame it on me nearly forgetting myself. I wasn't on the official list, so I had been intending to play it by ear, but I am glad I dragged me and my turnip-looking bruised foot out for the event.

The night was hosted by editor Kevin Sampsell, and it featured readings from Chris A. Bolton, Luciana Lopez, and the imposingly brickhouse-like, but extremely nice Jonathan Selwood, who deserves big respect for taking a shot of whiskey at the podium before beginning his readings. He also did some weird sound effects that made him look like my cat when she is puking. That's dedication! I loved it!

Also on hand were writers Bill Cameron and Gigi Little. Gigi also designed the poster that graces this page, it's part of a triptych in the Powell's window. Kevin read his introduction from the book and introduced everyone who read accompanied by Miles Davis music and adopting a hardboiled narrator's voice. Made me wish I could have read, too, just to get an intro.

After, all the writers lined up and we signed a bunch of books. People were really curious about the fact that there was a comic in the book, and those who had read it already seemed to really like it. As a born huckster, I talked up You Have Killed Me to a lot of the attendees. I should have brought some of the Art Institute postcards, though. Again, I wasn't thinking.

Portlanders going by Powell's can actually pick up a book autographed by all of us right about now. We signed piles of them.

Unless Chris A. Bolton was being kind and not pointing out that we had met before (he looks kind of familiar), this was our first meeting despite being friends on MySpace and Facebook. Chris writes the webcomic Smash!, drawn by his brother Kyle. It's a fun mix of superheroes and Bill Watterson-style childhood adventure. It's lots of fun, you should check it out.

There are several more Portland Noir book events, which I will list here. I'll update if there are any that Joëlle or I end up attending.

Looking Glass Bookstore
Thursday, June 18th, 7pm
With Floyd Skloot, Ariel Gore, Dan DeWeese, and Megan Kruse

The Blue Monk
Thursday, July 2nd, 9pm (21 and over)
With Justin Hocking, Karen Karbo, Monica Drake, and Gigi Little
Along with musical guests and a showing of a noir film after the readings

Elliott Bay Bookstore in Seattle
Saturday, July 11th, 7pm
With Chris A. Bolton and two people from Seattle Noir

Murder by the Book
Wednesday, July 15th, 7:30pm
With Bill Cameron and two people from Seattle Noir

Also, note:

Other promotion:
Powell’s will feature the book as a “New Favorite” which means it will be displayed prominently in all our stores. This promotion also includes a Portland Noir week on the Powell’s blog during that first week in June. “Guest Bloggers” for that week will be Kevin Sampsell, Gigi Little, Jamie S. Rich, cover photographer Krista Wheeler, Chris A. Bolton, and Kimberly Warner-Cohen.

Naturally, I'll share that link when it's up.

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Chris A. Bolton said...

Hey, Jamie -- it was great meeting you face-to-face. And thanks for the Smash love, I'm glad you like it!

I forgot to mention how much I liked your comic in Portland Noir. You and Joelle are one hell of a (totally platonic!) creative team.

Jonathan Selwood said...

"Imposingly brickhouse-like?"

I guess that Jane Fonda workout tape is finally starting to pay off...

Jamie S. Rich said...

Oops. Did I say that about you, Jonathan? That's how I meant to describe Gigi.

Blame Kevin, he built you up as the bouncer who would toss the rest of us out of that fiction party if we got out of line. :)