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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Thanks to all who came out for the Art Institute show, despite the wicked storm that came out of nowhere and started freaking people out. We saw a lot of friends and met some new people, too. Big thanks to Leslie Waara for inviting us, and she and her boss Allena Baker for helping bring it all together. Cory Casoni and his lovely wife also came down to sell books for Oni.

The full but meager photo set here.

All the art from the book will go on sale when the book is out, but if you see anything here or want to get the cover, message me.

Big points go to Shawn Gascoyne-Bowman for showing up in a homemade version of Jennie's dress from the book cover! I wish I had gotten a better look. Anyone take pictures? I think that's my very first cosplayer!

In addition to this, You Have Killed Me has gotten another great review, this time from Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading. I always like Johanna's reviews, because she really seems to get whatever I am trying to do. She mentions several things that I was hoping readers would pick up on, and Joëlle will be pleased that she singled out a splash page of Mercer smoking in the bath, since that was Joëlle's idea, replacing a pretentious six-panel page she termed impossible to draw.

An excerpt from Johanna's review below, and read the whole thing here:

"It’s very difficult to do this kind of project well. The genre, a film noir-style hard-boiled detective story, is so well-known that most people think of parodies before they think of classic originals. It’s easy to succumb to 'nudge nudge' 'this is just like that better story' smarmy wisecracking or too-faithful slavishness. The former, by making fun based in immaturity, makes you feel like an idiot for wanting something with honest inspiration; the latter makes you ask 'what’s the point? I’ll get one of the originals.' This story avoids both those traps."

Nice! I love it!

Buy You Have Killed Me

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Johanna said...

Aw, I feel special. Thanks for sending over the book!