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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


A bunch more Spell Checkers links.

First, big promotion efforts over at Stumptown Trade Review!

* An audio interview with yours truly.
* A joint audio interview with Joëlle Jones and Nicolas Hitori de.
* A review of the book:

"Spell Checkers is the most fun I have had this year. If you don't like fun, live in southeast Portland and listen to indie music. But, if you like fun, buy this book."

Second, a cool review from Witchy Books, who clearly know a bit about magic girls.

"These teenage witches aren't tiptoeing around the shadow of some karmic law-- they use magic in the way that we all secretly wish we could at some point or another. The story is very original, and you'll find yourself cheering for some of the most unsympathetic characters ever put to paper."

Finally, a quickie from Blogcritics.

"In less expert hands, the supernatural element could be seen at times to be merely a device by which the creators attempt to make more exotic and sexy what is essentially a teen comedy-drama, replete with the requisite pratfalls, conflicts and moments of cringe-worthy awkwardness that define the genre. However, the narrative is deftly handled and perfectly paced to ensure that pages are kept turning, while the wise-ass humor flows thick and fast."

More in each link!

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