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Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I feel like Robin Hood when I share it wit my hoods
Don't forget, he who plays hero gets hit
Don't let the 9 mill riddle your wits, smarty pants


* Robin Hood, the 2010 reboot of the folk hero from Ridley Scott and his glowering muse, Russell Crowe. It is to Robin Hood what "Garfield Minus Garfield" is to the Jim Davis comic strip, except "Garfield without Garfield" is actually entertaining for a couple of minutes.

If you ignore my advice and go see Robin Hood anyway, and you realize I was right, you are required to bid on my auction for this hat promoting the movie. That's the only way for you to say "sorry." I suffered so you don't have to. And don't whimper, "But, but, but...I really like Robin Hood." Coz this ain't Robin Hood!

Jason Bailey and Erik Henriksen agree.

(Why do I have the hat? It was thrown at us from behind in the theater before the movie started. Like a grumpy old man, I grabbed it and said, "You people aren't getting this back.")


* Walkabout, the revered cult film from Nicolas Roeg is still one I can't quite get behind.


* El Mago: Cantinflas is a legend in Mexico, but this 1949 film might make you wonder why.

* Mine, an alternately enraging and uplifting documentary about the plight of the pets left behind in Hurricane Katrina.

* Stagecoach - Criterion Collection, the 1939 classic from John Ford and John Wayne. Honestly, they really don't make them like this anymore. Case in point: Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. (Also at Criterion Confessions.)

Current Soundtrack: The Joy Formidable, A Balloon Called Moaning - a great album and only $5.99 to download!

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BCM said...

I can always get behind Jenny Agutter.

Mark Coale said...

having just been to Monument Valley on my vacation, I eagerly await seeing the Stagecoach DVD.