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Saturday, May 29, 2010


One downside of having done a comic book story for Portand Noir is that I didn't get to participate in the live reading events and get one of Kevin Sampsell's awesome be-bop jazz intros.

Well, it's been a year since the book came out, and to celebrate its success, Kevin has posted all his intros on his blog, and he has amended it with a bit about Joëlle Jones and myself at the end.

"Jamie S. Rich and Joëlle Jones contributed a comic for the anthology so they never read at any of the events. But if I did, I would have pointed out that Jamie is a convicted dog stealer and arsonist (he once burned down a whole Safeway) and that Joelle is a world-class pool shark with a Swiss bank account and a collection of severed fingers in the glove box of her car. It doesn’t get more noir than that."

That may be our new official joint bio.

Read all of the introductions here.

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SGriffin9 said...

Why did you burn down the Safeway? What did it ever do to you??