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Saturday, May 29, 2010


JAM Movie Reviews has taken a look at You Have Killed Me and has given it a postive review.


"The twists and turns encountered throughout the graphic novel gives it a feel of the old-time dime novels with detectives with names like Sam Spade when grit and grime of the city weighed heavily on the lives we followed. An interesting group of characters keep our detective on his toes as he wades through the muck and mud to find the truth of a love long gone but not forgotten. Jamie pulls Tony through this all showing weakness and strength and letting us see a true character rather than an invincible automaton.


Joëlle has an amazing way of conveying emotion and setting with the simplistic of pencil strokes and supplies the reader with a rich and vibrant supply of characters each with their own subtle nuances. And being a guy, I must comment that her women all have an subtle femme fatale charm to them from Jennie Roman, the seen only in flashback Julie Roman, the flirty cigarette girl, and the records clerk all catch your eye and make you want to know more about these gone in a blink of an eye characters."

More through the link.

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JAM said...

Hey Jamie, thanks for the shout out! You and Joelle definitely made the book worth the price of admission. I've got Spellcheckers too, so I'm sure I'll throw a review together for that too.