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Saturday, May 08, 2010


Whoa! Natalie Nourigat has done another drawing for us. This time in color, and also all three of the Spell Checkers.

Natalie Nourigat Spell Checkers fan art II

In return, Nico did an amazing drawing of the heroine from Natalie's fantastic comic Over the Surface. You can see it here, and keep your eye on Tally's Etsy store for when Over the Surface is available for sale again. You really want to get yourself some copies.

We've also gotten a couple of new reviews.

Ain't It Cool News:

"These three are genuinely hateful, unlikable wastes of skin. One of then, Kimberly, has a protracted rant against learning history, since it's all about crap that's already happened, so what's the point. I'm reminded of what Stephen Fry had to say on the subject: that it's the kids who think like this that end up unemployed alcoholics, while those who find joy in learning are the one who actually do something with their fucking lives. Anyway...the point is, there's every reason to dislike these girls. But because Jamie Rich fills the pages with as much schadenfreude as physically possible, and with the anti-entitlement sentiment to the narrative, I can't help but love these horrid c***s.

Now, I know that I've praised both Mr. Rich and Ms. Jones on this site before (and in the interest of full disclosure, they and I have had occasion to drink from the same bottle of scotch once or twice) but it's Nicolas Hitori De that really wowed me in this book. There's a scene where Cynthia, the bitchiest of these bitches, is attempting to stick to her regular routine of avoiding gym class, and failing spectacularly. You can write a scene like this and WANT it to be funny, but it's up to the visuals to sell the comedy. Hitore De sells it. Man, does he sell it. This is the first work of his I've read. It definitely won't be the last."

The Outhouse - The Greatest Comic Book Forum:

"This may be rated for teen, but so was Harry Potter and Twilight when they first came out, and many people over twenty have eaten these stories up. I predict this could very well sit up there with some of the best teen books that have come through comics in the last ten years. Young Avengers, Scott Pilgrim and now Spell Checkers.

I don’t say this lightly. This has major hit written all over it. I know I’ll pick it up for my oldest daughter and bet my other half will end up reading this as well. There’s something for everyone in here. But what I enjoyed the best about this? The dark humor is hilarious.

Thank you Jamie Rich, Nicolas Hitori de and Joelle Jones for creating such wonderfully full rounded anti-heroes. Even after reading it I can’t figure out if I should have been rooting for these ladies or not...and that’s a good thing."

Alternately, one person on Amazon hates us! They give us one star in the customer reviews on the book's ordering page.

"I have been a fan of Oni Press for 12 years and a fan of Jamie S. Rich for 10 years, and this is the worst thing that either of them have ever produced.

Imagine the three people you hated most in high school. Now, give them magical powers that allow them to get everything they want on a whim while simultaneously making the lives of everyone around them miserable. Congratulations, you've now read Spell Checkers while saving yourself twelve dollars and 150 pages."

Ha ha ha! Yikes!

If you read the book and like it, consider giving us a quick review to help our star rating.

Before I go, here is another of Nico's "trading card" illos from Stumptown, a drawing he did for Natalie. It's an adorable Jesse:

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