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Monday, May 10, 2010


More Spell Checkers fan art!

First up is a French cartoonist who goes by Arnaud.

Nono - Spell Checkers

Visit his blog here: http://nonodamiens.over-blog.com/ and check out his other art.

Next, we have artist Hazel Newlevant, a Portland-based comics creator currently interning at Top Shelf. Here she draws supporting character and regular Spell Checkers victim, Polly.

Check out Hazel's homepage:

Her minicomic Hazel is White can be ordered directly from her. Drop her a line through her site. She is also a frequent contributor to Stumptown Underground.

The quote on her drawing is from a Guster song called "Either Way."

Thanks, Hazel and Arnaud! And keep 'em coming, folks. We love it!

By the way, Joëlle did a piece of the three girls for Nico when he was visiting. She has posted it and other sketches from Stumptown at her blog. Click through on the image to see the whole set:

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