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Monday, May 03, 2010


So, apparently it's Mike Allred Week at the comic book shops, as Mike has two new releases on the stands.

First is the third trade paperback collecting the final issues of Image's Madman Atomic Comics series. This includes all the stories and a huge bunch of extras, including the story Joëlle Jones and I did for the book and quite possibly the Mr. Gum tale Mike, Laura, Dave Johnson, and I did for Liberty Comics.

A short preview of the lead story is here. And this is the cover.

Buy it at Amazon.

Mike is also debuting his new creator-owned series, written by Chris Roberson and published by DC/Vertigo. The first issue of i,Zombie is only $1, so you have no reason not to try it.

Read a q&a with Mike & Chris.

Click on the cover to see a stunning preview/prequel of/to the book:

I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the original art for i,Zombie in person, and somehow Mike continues to top himself. He and Laura have yet to find their artistic peak, they just keep climbing.

Mike and I are planning some things for Madman's future, including a big 20th Anniversary Special. I also spent last week writing a top-secret 8-page script for him to illustrate. It's for a project where the creative teams are still hush-hush, but we're very excited to be a part of it.

If you have some money left, I also recommend this week's hardcover release of The Amazon by Steven T. Seagle and Tim Sale. It's a fantastic comic. Also, Underground by Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber, which I think will start showing up in some shops this week.

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Subatomic Matt said...

I was glad to see the inclusion of the Liberty Comics story. Bonus!