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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Looking through my other Stumptown comics, I also wanted to point people toward Life Ain't No Pony Farm by German cartoonist Sarah Burrini. Sarah was in town interning at Periscope Studio, and she capped the visit with the comics festival, where I believe she debuted her mini collection of strips from her webcomic. [Edit: My dorm's resident adviser, Natalie Nourigat, informs me that I misunderstood, that Sarah was an intern some time ago and was just visiting again. Fact checking me is easier than studying for finals!]

That's the cover. Nice Beatles riff!

Sarah's comics are in the traditional comic strip format, four panels leading up to a gag. The strips range from one-offs to ongoing stories, and there is an undercurrent of autobio despite the more fantastical creatures that surround the main character. Her cartooning is cute and modern, a little Penny Arcade, a little Toy Story, but with a more old-school newspaper strip quality mixed in.

Sarah serializes her comic online, and smartly does so simultaneously in both her native German and English. The English version can be found here.

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