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Friday, February 15, 2013


Multiversity has a swell review of Creepy Comics #11, the Valentine's issue, which came out on Wednesday and features, among others, a story by myself and Joëlle Jones.

Read their assessment here.

And the pertinent section regarding our story:

“Someone to Watch” from Jamie S. Rich and Joëlle Jones plays around with the dead-lover idea, situating the meet-cute long after one of the parties has died. I don’t think anyone will deny that clingy relationships are akin to poltergeist infestations, and with the help of Jones’ sharp art, this metaphor is brought home (pun intended) with all kinds of ferocity in the final panel.
There is also a really nice review at Newsarama that singles us out:

My personal favorite was Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones creating an innovative haunted house story that takes the trope to a new level.
Dark Horse has a preview of some of the Gilbert Hernandez and Amy Reeder pages. Check it out at their site.

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