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Monday, February 18, 2013


Jung Hu Lee, the creator of the webcomic "Definitely Far From Korea," has posted a 12-page story he drew from a script I wrote.

"You Cross My Path" was actually a short story I wrote as a possible candidate for Portland Noir. I had some trouble with that assignment. I went through several ideas and drafts before ending up with basically, a light-hearted tale and a darker one. Joëlle Jones eventually drew the light-hearted version, and that's the one they printed in Portland Noir, "Gone Doggy Gone."

I had all but forgotten about the second one until Jung asked me if I had any scripts he could practice on, he had never drawn from someone else's writing. I thought about sending him the script for one of the actual published shorts we had done, but thought it might be hard to get out from behind the version that already existed. "You Cross My Path," however, was untouched ground. (It's also literally the only short script I had that had not been drawn; my hard drive is not a wasteland of unpublished ideas like a lot of people assume. Well, unless you count the three finished graphic novel scripts that stalled...oh, dear...*sob*)

All twelve pages of "You Cross My Path" are on Jung's tumblr. You can read them for free. He will also be making print versions to sell.

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