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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today has been a great day. Joëlle's birthday, the 7th issue of It Girl out, and you can hear me talking all about it and more over on the Comixology podcast.

Go hear and give it a listen, whydoncha? We have a good chat.

The first couple of review of It Girl and the Atomics #7 have landed, and they are wonderfuly positive.

Unleash the Fanboy gets into the spirit of things.

The series still retains its witty, “Saturday morning cartoon”-esque charm, with plenty of comedic moments and a few good action bits thrown in. One of the things I liked in this issue was that It Girl showcased her powers more which I found the previous issues lacked. 

As do the Comic Book Bastards.

Rich does an incredible job with It Girl’s powers in this issue. It was very creative to see how she uses them to get in and out of jams, to the point where I didn’t know what she what she was going to do next. That’s a lot of fun and shows that he’s keeping the story as fresh as possible. Characters with multiple powers tend to get stale when writers forget they’re long list of possibilities and this just shows that Rich is constantly thinking of new ways for It Girl to use her powers. The gags were great and again captured that lighthearted nature that I’ve always associated with the world. It Girl is a terrific character and I love her personality; she’s worth ten of any of the “big two’s” female super heroes. 
Every time I review a series that Mike Norton is attached to I like to begin with, “Mike Norton is fucking machine.” Why? Because he has not one, but two series out this week alone; both of which are monthly titles. The other title that I’ll also be reviewing is Revival and while the art style is different, it’s equally fantastic to the work he does on It Girl. I especially enjoy the visual gags that Norton illustrates in this series as it shows his range and talent as an artist. Very impressive each month and I look forward to the next chapter of this series along with his other monthly work. I would even go as far to say that he is my favorite comic book artist working in the industry currently.

 The Weekly Crisis rates us as a "Must Read":
Slip ups, mishaps and puns pepper this issue that already is full of delicious eye candy. Allen Passalaqua adds an amazing layer of fun, jazzy colors. Mike Norton's art is gorgeous as always and the story got a some solid laughs out of me. I can't wait to jump back in to this universe next month!

This response makes me really happy, because I felt we really hit a comfortable stride with this issue. I was proofing #8 this morning and was wowed by how the art came together. So many little touches throughout, and Mike and Allen are in total sync. Plus, if you like how It Girl uses her powers this month...oh, just wait!

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