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Friday, February 08, 2013


While I haven't scanned anymore photos of my groupie days since my original Musical Youth post, the lady on the right of this photo, Alex, posted this photo of us with Gene-frontman Martin Rossiter to Facebook this morning.

I look absolutely awful. Judging by the size of my hair, I am guessing this is post-show, so I am all pit-wrecked from being down front. This would have been from Seattle in1995, I think, from Gene's first tour of the States. They played Moe's. I got my vinyl copy of Olympian signed.

Alex and I went on to co-host @lright, the infamously terrible cable-access show about Britpop, a few years later.

Martin Rossiter released his first solo album last year. It's positively lovely and worth seeking out. In fact, it's only an $8.99 download at Amazon.

Current Soundtrack: Martin Rossiter, The Defenestration of St. Martin

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