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Friday, February 22, 2013


A couple of quick links for the end of the week.

* Multiversity Comics featured It Girl and the Atomics in their "Friday Reccomendations" column.
It’s something that longtime comic fans can sit down and use to tap back in to that “Madman” world that was such a staple of Indie comics in the 90′s. It’s something that young and old can read and smile along with, because it’s full of irreverent humor that you can laugh at because it’s absurd or silly and not feel sheepish about it.

* Weekly Comic Book Review gives a stellar write-up to Creepy Comics #11.
Probably my favorite was the story by Joelle Jones just because I already knew how much I enjoyed Zullo and Reeder whereas Jones was a surprise.  She was enough of a surprise that I paused during this review to inquire about buying a page of her original art from this story (the 4th page with the guy bringing different women back to his home).  So there’s that.

And don't forget, you can still book commissions from Joëlle to pick up during our appearance at Emerald City Comic Con next week. All the details are on her blog.

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