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Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm cleaning up around here, and I have way too many comic books. This has led me to an eBay auction where you can bid on a box of 200 Oni Press comic books from my stint as editor there (1998-2004, essentially). No doubles, lots of full runs, everything in good condition. My seller's page is HERE. Right now, it's at less than 10 cents a comic. I am also selling a bunch of DVDs, mainly stuff I've reviewed recently.

Not only will you help me clear out my house, but you can help defray costs for my promo stuff for San Diego. I am planning on making a set of buttons for my forthcoming books--The Everlasting, Love the Way You Love, and 12 Reasons Why I Love Her--as well as a small 12 Reasons ash can that Keith Wood is designing right now. It's a good cause!

Current Soundtrack: a mix for someone that I have been working on for almost a week now, so it better be the best mix ever

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